›Truly Individual‹

Every once in a while, a wine in one of our barrels may develop a life of its own. We have learnt not to fight these developments, but rather to trust that the wine will find its inner harmony, in its own time, on its own path, true to its nature. The characteristics of these wines are provided by nature, and they may be a one-off phenomenon or reveal themselves repeatedly, as it is the case for our wine ›LENTUM‹: The name implies the extremely long fermentation period. Seemingly, the site where the wine grows seems to produce this special trait—even if it does not reliably want to surface every year.

But we also have minds of our own and enjoy leaving the beaten track with our creative ventures to translate the natural characteristics of the grapevines into exciting new wines with a strong personality.
Sometimes, these wines might be out of the ordinary, «characters» in the best possible sense of the word. They are «characters» in the best possible sense of the word and allow us to demonstrate what can be achieved  from one single grape variety in a very confined and clearly marked area—if we do not lose our curiosity and thirst for knowledge, sensitively and creatively in tune with the gifts initially provided by nature.
Our ›VADE RETRO‹, a dry Riesling bottled without added sulphites, our ›ORANGE‹ (macerated and fermented on the skins) and or our top sparkling wine ›Cuvée Prestige‹ fall into this category.