Product Line

We could call the estate wines (Gutswein) our «signature wines». With these wines, we want to show what is expected of an archetypal Riesling from the Mosel: Exuberant fragrance, wonderful fruit aromas, elegant minerality and unparalleled firm delicate flavours. Naturally, it is not our primary goal for these wines to reflect the typical character of a single site. The grapes for these wines grow on selected plots around Reil. We cultivate and vinify them with the same diligence and love as their single-vineyard siblings.

In most years, our single-vineyard wines are from the Reiler Goldlay and above all from the site that we perceive as the «embodiment of our brand», the Reiler Mullay Hofberg. With these wines, we always want to show the typicality of their individual origins. This can also be a particularly unique plot within that slope.

Our dry wine ›MOLUN‹ is the quintessence of the Mullay-Hofberg – the ›Grand Cru‹, so to speak, a dry Riesling that reflects the character of this wonderful steep vineyard in the best possible way. The ›MOLUN‹ is racy and delicate, a great joy to drink, and always exciting year after year. Other wines—whether they are dry, off-dry or sweet—often reflect the characteristics of individual slope segments. The sweet wines in particular show great ageing potential.

The ›truly individual‹ wines reflect the particular condition of a vintage and their growth process or are a result of our own creativity and our desire to try something new. Our sparkling wines—products of true passion—are available as single-vineyard Riesling wines as well as a cuvée inspired by the very best champagne.

Please also ask us for our range of juices, luxurious spirits, fruit liqueurs and different types of vinegar.