Reiler Mullay-Hofberg

The Reil vineyard Mullay-Hofberg is one of the most impressive steep slopes of the Lower Middle Mosel: For nearly one kilometre, it towers almost directly above the river. Numerous mighty rocks and terraces at vertiginous heights with very individual microclimates are scattered across the site.

The site’s incline and its poor soils of finely weathered grey and red slate enable the grapes to achieve perfect ripeness by being left on the vines until very late in the year. This leads to highly aromatic wines that are rich in extract. Yet the Mullay-Hofberg wines are never «fat». Their complex aromas are always coupled with underlying lively and fresh subtle citrus notes.

It is impossible to trace back for how long vines have been growing here. The vineyard was mentioned in a deed of donation from 1143 for the first time. This deed covered the estate ›Molun‹ at the southern end of the slope with its adjacent vineyards, which was bestowed on the Springiersbach Convent in the Eifel region.
To honour this old tradition, we produce our dry wine MOLUN from select plots of the Mullay-Hofberg.