Other Vineyards

Directly opposite our village Reil—on the Hunsrück slopes of the Mosel—is the vineyard Goldlay. It is west-facing and its incline (50 – 70%) is considered to be of average steepness. Its soil is blue-grey slate with red clay and gravel. Due to the homogenous terrain structure and ideal ventilation conditions, the vines dry very quickly after rainfall. As a result, we always harvest very healthy grapes in our Goldlay vineyard. The evening sun warms this area until sunset and guarantees reliable ripeness.

We also look after vines that grow on the sites Pündericher Marienburg, Burger Hahenschrittchen, Thomasberg and Reiler Falklay, applying the same tender loving care as in our main vineyards. In general, we do not bottle these wines as single-vineyard wines. However, sometimes a vintage may inspire us to make an exception. Very welcome «special occurrences» … some of them maybe unique … only nature knows ….