Sparkling Wines

Our sparkling wines are a product of pure passion. Since the beginning of the 1980s, we have made our own sparkling wines, applying the traditional method, riddling the bottles by hand. Only the best wines—primarily from the Mullay-Hofberg vineyard—form the base for our sparkling wines. We disgorge only small lots after they have spent a long time on lees (a minimum of 18 months) in order to achieve maximum freshness. Currently, nearly 10% of our entire harvest is dedicated to this passionate pursuit. Natural must clarification, spontaneous fermentation of the base wines and traditional ageing in large wooden barrels are integral parts of the process.

In 2010, we added the ›Cuvée Prestige‹ to our two single vineyard sparkling Riesling wines from the Mullay-Hofberg site (›Riesling Extra Dry‹ and ›Riesling Dosage Zéro‹). The ›Cuvée Prestige‹ was inspired by the Champagne cuvées with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, yet with Riesling as the white grape variety in the blend. Five years on lees merge the creamy finesse of the French sparkling wines with the union of light elegance, power and substance that is so typical of the Mosel wines. Zero-dosage bottling underlines the mineral honesty of the sparkling wine.